17 November 2014

Nonon Jakuzure - The Hat

Nonon has a pretty simple costume. Her outfit is basically a shoka hat paired with a dress that consists of a bib, a bodice, puffy sleeves, and an inverted box pleat skirt:

For now, I'm going to focus on the hat. The hat seems like it would be the most difficult thing to make, but where I had no sewing experience prior to this project, it was actually the easiest part of the costume for me.

I searched around the internet and found this excellent hat tutorial on deviantART, which I used as a base to expand off of when making my hat. I loved their idea of using a baseball hat and several sheets of plastic canvas sewn together as the base, so that's just what I did to start it off. I also removed a section and used the extra plastic to create a 'shelf' for the monkey skull to sit in:

Next, for an extra layer in between the canvas and the blue fabric, I hand sewed a layer of a fabric called 'warm and natural'. I don't know much about this fabric, just that we had it laying around the house and my mother let me use it.

Here's a sort of 'test-run' for proportional purposes:

The details were drafted on paper and cut out of craft foam, then sealed with several layers of Mod Podge.

The monkey skull was made of a base of aluminum foil, covered in white model magic, with added molded details for the eye and nose sockets, and the teeth. The skull was later painted with pink and black acrylic paint for the extra details.

Light blue broadcloth was then hand-sewn on, and the hat was lined with bias tape. The canvas was then sewn to the baseball hat along the brim.

I cut a small Styrofoam ball in half, covered each half in Model Magic, and painted it pink using acrylic paint to make the bumps on the side of the hat. The foam details were then glued in place, along with the monkey skull, and feathers were added on top to create a plume.

Voila! The hat is *almost* complete! I later added the strap (the handle from a plastic beach pail) and buttons (made using fabric and a button maker!), which are visible in the final product photos I will post another time.

Next I will post about the process of making the dress!