28 January 2015

Big Sister - The Leg Braces

It's about time I finished another part of this costume! Here's how I made them:

This reference here has one of the best views of the outside parts of her leg braces:

So looking at that, I drew out my pattern pieces:

Then I traced my templates onto EVA foam (two of each), cut them out, and added the smaller welded details using craft foam:

I used a soldering iron to create 'bullet holes' in the foam:

All pieces were then sealed with Mod Podge, and painted with silver acrylic paint.

I then used my usual method of weathering: painting on some black acrylic paint, and then immediately wiping it off to create a dirtied look. Scratches were made with an X-acto knife before painting.

I then started making my templates for the inside legs. Good references are hard to find of this (unless you have the figure), so here's the reference I used.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures during these steps, so all I have are finished photos of the inside legs, but I did basically the same steps for the inside that I did for the outside, the only exception being that instead of making bullet holes, I used an X-acto knife to create scratches in the metal.

I cut eight circles from EVA (two for each joint) and bought some plastic trim to create the joints and connectors. Here's a progress shot of everything up to this point.

Here's where it gets interesting. I needed a way to connect the thigh piece to the shin piece that would allow for movement (such as bending of the legs for walking). I questioned my dad with the matter and he suggested a series of bolts.

With the help of my dad, I drilled holed in each of the joint circles, which then allowed us to insert a bolt in two circles, with two washers between to allow for movement.

Pieces separate:

Pieces together (two joints shown):

I was then able to assemble the braces, with the plastic trim connecting the larger pieces of 'metal' to the joints. I also made four more circles to act as the ankle pieces, which I glued nuts on to act as fake bolts.

Here's the complete product, complete with full motion! I still need to make the back supports, and I'll probably have to use Velcro or something to get them to stay where they're supposed to, but besides those small things, they're finished! :)

If anything I said was confusing, please don't be afraid to leave a question in the comments! ;)