12 June 2016

Nonon Jakuzure - 2014

Photo: Guinness Cosplay

Started: August 2014
Finished: October 2014
Total Cost: ~ $50
Total Time: ~15hr
Awards: 1st Place Novice Another Anime Con 2014 Hall Contest

Despite the fact that I am an avid crafter and have been making a plethora of things since I was old enough to hold a gluestick, when I first started cosplaying I never considered making my own costumes. Out of all the different skills and techniques I had learned throughout my lifetime, machine sewing had never been one of them. This was mostly due to the fact that my mother hated sewing, so growing up I wasn’t as exposed to it as I was other crafts. It wasn’t until summer 2014 when I heard about the craftsmanship contests that I was inspired to start making my own. I am competitive by nature, and paired with something I’ve loved to do my entire life, I had to try it.
Around the same time that my costume-making spark was ignited, I had just finished watching the anime Kill la Kill. I was in love with the story, and I loved Nonon’s character. I thought her uniform was simple enough for a first project, so that’s just what I did!

The Hat:

I did some searching around online for an idea on how to go about making Nonon's giant shoka hat, and eventually I came across someone who hat tried using plastic canvas. Inspired by this idea, I built my own base out of plastic canvas and a baseball hat.
I made the details using craft foam and the monkey skull using model magic! You can find a full tutorial for this prop over here.

The Dress:

Nonon's dress was really what gave me the most trouble in this costume creation, as like I mentioned before, I had never sewn before! After a sewing class or two and lots of online research, I bought some light blue cotton broadcloth and a pattern that matched the bodice, and started sewing! The dress closes in the back with a zipper and the bones on the front were applied using heat transferable material and a satin stitch.

 I used a peak-a-boo box-pleat technique for the skirt portion. This resulted in a super long strip of fabric that needed to be pleated!

I wear a Leg Avenue petticoat underneath to add extra poof!

The Bib:

I had some trouble with the bib. I couldn't find a way to make it look nice while attached to the dress, so I decided to made it a free piece that goes on over my shoulders and closes with snaps in the back. The collar itself also detaches and reattaches using a series of snaps. Both the three-star emblem and the little wings were applied with an applique technique.

Other Accessories:

As for everything else, the wig was a Nonon Jakuzure wig purchased off of ebay. I found the white go-go boots in the Halloween/Costume section at Target back in 2011.

(Last Three Photos: Guinness Cosplay)