28 August 2016

Little Sister - 2015

Here is the second post in my "Backlog" series; my Little Sister cosplay from Bioshock that I made the summer of 2015.

I was originally going to make Little Sister for my little sister (haha) to wear with me and be my assistant when I planned to bring Big Sister to Boston Comic Con in 2015. When that plan fell through due to a car accident days before the con and I wasn't able to finish either costume, I later decided to finish it up for myself to wear at a small event.

This costume was very simple to make, but I have some progress pictures of it and figured I should post them anyway. For pieces that I failed to take progress photos of, I added in detail shots from the finished costume to hopefully make up for that!

I made this costume with a navy poly-cotton blend for the base dress and a white cotton broadcloth for the details. At the time my hair was very long so I did not use a wig when wearing this costume.

For the bodice, I used the same pattern that I had for Nonon, since I needed puffy sleeves. The only thing with that pattern is that the neckline goes down a little further than what would be accurate for a Little Sister, so I adjusted the pattern to fix that.

For the skirt I just drafted a simple circle skirt and attached it to the bodice. At this point the base dress was finished and closes in the back with a zipper.

Now onto the white details! I drafted a Peter Pan collar (which for whatever reason took me several tries).

Bias tape was sewn onto the raw edges of the sleeve cuffs.

I drafted the apron pretty quickly, though I don't remember exactly how I did it. I traced out the shape of the top front and transferred it one to fabric. This part is double layered and hand tacked onto the bodice. The skirt part of the apron I think was just a rectangle that I hemmed, gathered, and attached to the top part.

I hand stitched the four large buttons in place.

And with that, the construction of the dress was completely done! But Little Sister's live in the torn down, abandoned city of Rapture, so there's no way any of them would have a nice pristine dress for long. It was time for weathering!

I had left the bottom of the skirt completely unhemmed, so I took this further by hacking at it with scissors to really make it look worn down. The fabric was polyester, so I was able to use my sautering iron to melt the fabric in different spots and create holes.

I rubbed lots of brown paint into the fabric to mimic dirt stains. Red and black paint was used to create smears and splatters of blood and ADAM on her apron and dress. I also gave the whole dress a nice coffee bath, which means it'll smell horrible forever, but it also looks very aged and worn.

And with that, Little Sister was complete! It was a very simple sewing project, but it was a good way to practice my skills and a great learning experience on weathering clothing.

Last three photos credit Guinness Cosplay

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