14 August 2016

Miraculous Ladybug

Hello everyone! I finished my Ladybug cosplay a few weeks ago, so I figured I'd share my process!

I started watching Miraculous in November 2015, around the time it premiered in the US. After watching an episode or two as they released on Nickelodeon, I bit the bullet and watched the rest of them in French! I couldn't wait any longer, I was too attached to the show and especially the characters. Though I love both Ladybug and Chat Noir and plan to cosplay them both at some point, I decided to start with Ladybug since I identify with her more than I do with Chat, and my physical features are very close to that of Marinette's.

I decided to start on the wig. I purchased an Umi Sonoda wig from Lucaille, originally with the intention of using it for the character it was made for, but when it arrived I decided it was much too greyish for Umi and would work much better color wise for Ladybug.

I had purchased some cardboard paper mâché eggs from A.C. Moore around Easter time, as I thought they would make the perfect base for Marinette's little poofy pig-tails. I painted these the same color as the wig

I divided the wig in half, sectioning it off into two separate pigtails before cutting off the majority of the length to make the whole process much easier. (I, of course, saved the fibers that had been cut off, as I would need these to later make the pigtails). Using Arda Wigs' pigtail sectioning tutorial (found here on YouTube), I evenly split the pigtails and covered all wefts that may be showing as a result of the fibers being pulled aside.

Using the hair I had chopped off from the original length of the wig, I made little wefts by taking small chunks and hot-gluing the ends. This made the wefts easier to deal with and easier to attach to the eggs.

I then cut holes in the bottoms of the eggs before gluing them onto the pigtails. I used hotglue to attach the tops of the wefts to the top of the eggs. I left the ends loose for now.

Then, using Got2b freeze spray, I styled the fibers so they laid nicely over the eggs, trimming the fibers where necessary to get the shape I wanted. The ends were sealed with Aileen's clear tacky glue to keep them from coming apart.

For the bangs, I simply swept them to the size and hit it with a blast of Got2b to secure it. Not pictured is the ribbons that I later added with hot glue.

Ladybug's mask is made from Black Worbla. To do this I cut out the shape I wanted, then used heat to form the worbla in the shape of my face.

Next, I made the suit! I started off with Yaya Han's Ultimate Bodysuit pattern, which I altered so that it would fit my body shape. I made the bodysuit out of a matte red four-way stretch spandex.

Once the suit was fitted properly, it was time to start the tedious process of appliqueing all the spots!

To do this I purchased tear-away interfacing and temporary basting spray to help keep the spandex from stretching and warping as I worked. (Overall, I used a process very similar to the one mentioned here.)

I cut the interfacing to be the same size as my fabric pieces, then attached these pieces together using the basting spray. From there I made a stencil using a compass so that all my spots would be the same. I used this stencil to draw spots on the interfacing to use as a pattern when sewing.

I used the basting spray to attach squares of matte black four-way stretch spandex to the 'right' side of the fabric, right under where each spot would be sewn.

Then, working from the 'wrong' side of the fabric where the interfacing and spot 'pattern' is, I sewed around each of the circles with a small zig-zag stitch to secure the black fabric in place from the back. From there I was able to cut away the extra fabric, revealing the spots!

Then, all I had to do was sew up the side seam, and I had a complete sleeve!

Now I just have to make the rest of the suit....

This process was incredibly tedious; I worked through at least 12 episodes of LOST just working on the spots!

Eventually I finally finished all of the spots and could start assembling the suit! This is what it looked like before I added the hands and feet!

I'm very pleased with how this turned out! It's very comfortable to wear and it closes with an invisible zipper in the back!

Last three photos credit Chris Goss

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