29 September 2016

Ladybug Photos! - Connecticon

School has slowed my progress crafting wise, so unfortunately I don't have much to post here as of late. I think for times like this is perfect for showing off the photos of my finished costumes!

Back in July when I debuted Ladybug at ConnectiCon I had a photoshoot with Chris Goss, which resulted in these wonderful photos!

I climbed a fence for this one!

I really love these photos; they make me love the costume even more!

19 September 2016

Angel Stocking Anarchy - 2015

This should be the last of my 2015 backlog posts! (Yay!) So from here on out you can expect more current projects with (hopefully) much more progress photos!

I'm actually just starting college now, so I apologize if things get slow on this end. I'll try to update weekly as much as possible with current projects, but on weeks when I am too swamped with schoolwork to get anything done, hopefully I'll still make a photo post or something. But anyways, on to the fun part!

In late 2014 my friend proposed to me that we do Panty and Stocking's angel versions (from the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) for the masquerade at a con that would take place a year later. We didn't start them until August that year, with the con being in October, and our skit was a mess due to people dropping at the last minute, but we did manage to snag Best Novice Craftsmanship!

I've actually been quite hesitant to write up this project. As much as I like it, I don't feel I documented it very well while making it and I'm afraid some parts may be hard to explain. With that said, if anything I say is vague or just doesn't make sense, please feel free to shoot me a message asking for clarification!

I first drafted the dress by making a rectangular tube for the top and a circle skirt for the bottom. I tried on and adjusted the mock-up before transferring the patterns onto white cotton sateen. The gray pieces are a grey casa satin I found at JoAnn's.

NOTE: The bows on the skirt were made suuuper last minute the night before the con, so they are very hastily made from hot-glue. I still need to go back an remake these, so please excuse the messiness!

The stripe in the skirt was added by making the circle skirt into a three part pattern that consisted of the top white section, the middle blue section, and the bottom white section.

(excuse the wrinkles!)

The stripes on the bodice were top-stitched in place.

The heart details were made by painting plastic heart ornaments. (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby. Each heart had two halves, so I was able to use just three for both my Panty and I)

I took the halves of the hearts and coated the insides with Mod Podge before sprinkling glitter into them. Once that was dry, I added acrylic paint in the proper colors.

I made sure to do all of this work from the inside so that the nice shiny plastic finish on the outside of the hearts would remain intact. Here's a close up of one of the finished hearts!

For the corset, I used the same pattern I made for Big Sister, but I adjusted the shape of it to be more accurate for stocking. I used the underside of the grey satin that I used for the straps and top band, as I felt that the matte side fit better for this portion of the costume.

I then sewed the boning channels and began to add details!

For the front detailing, I cut out a rectangle the size that I wanted this section to be. I then hand tacked ribbon down to create the lattice pattern. I hand ruffled two short strips of cotton sateen, which I sewed onto the long sides of the rectangle. The entire thing was then top-stitched onto the corset itself.

The corset is finished off with another silver band on the top, and a row of ruffles on the bottom. Grommets were added to the back edges for easy lace-up!

For the stockings, I couldn't find a knit in blue that matched all the other blues on the costume, so I decided to dye them! Fortunately Dylon's China Blue perfectly matched all of my other fabrics!

I bought a bunch of white cotton knit to make the stockings. I cut the amount I had in half and dyed it. This was my first time dying fabric, and I was very nervous, but I'm glad to say it came out flawlessly.

The rest was easy-peasy! All I had to do was cut a bunch of 3 in wide strips from both fabrics, sew them together, and adjust them to be the right size! I do highly suggest either buying sock glue, or sewing them to dance tights as they like to fall down...a lot.

 As for the rest of the costume, the wig was purchased on eBay. The arm socks were made of spandex and the same silver fabric that I used on the corset and dress. The collar was also made with this fabric, but with the addition of ruffled lace. It ties behind my neck. My bangles and shoes were stuff I already had hanging around, and my wings are cut out of 5mm craft foam. The hair bow, like the bows on the dress, was haphazardly made the night before the con and needs to be revisited. I wear a petticoat from Leg Avenue underneath the dress for extra floof.

Overall I like how this costume came out, despite the fact that a few bits need some upgrading. Unfortunately I have yet to do a photoshoot for Stocking; that will have to be a goal for next spring (or indoors in winter?).

Thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned for how I made Stocking's Sword and Panty's gun!

Top Photo by Chris Goss. That bottom one is a candid backround shot that shows off the costume pretty well!