30 November 2016

Haruhi Fujioka - Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is one of my favorite anime series of all time. If you haven't seen it, it's a humorous show about a girl who breaks an expensive vase and has to join the school's Host Club under guise as a boy in order to pay for the vase. It's truly a wonderful show with characters that are over the top in a likable way. However, I'm not here to preach about how wonderful a show Ouran is.

Since I first discovered the show back in middle school, I have wanted to cosplay Haruhi, the main character, and this year that dream is finally coming true! One of my closest friends and I decided that we would make the outfits from the final episode for the masquerade at this year's Another Anime Con!

I decided to try draping this time around when it came to drafting the bodice.

This method proved to be very useful for me, as when I made the mock-up from the pattern, very little adjustments had to be made!

From there I was able to start cutting into my nice fabric! The base white fabric is a polyester blend with a nice weight that makes it drape beautifully. I bought a sheer ivory material to use as an overlay to give the fabric more of a dressy, expensive look.

I assembled the bodice using french seams.

Unfortunately, my local Joann's did not carry bias tape in the exact color I wanted, so I decided to bite the bullet and make my own using a cotton broadcloth that matched the sheer ivory fabric.

Bias tape was then bound over all the raw edges of the bodice. For the cleanest possible results, I machine stitched the outside and hand-stitched the inside to avoid any visible stitching.

I really wanted to make the insides as clean as I possible, so I bound the raw arm-scythes with bias tape in the same method I used for the details on the outside!

For the sleeves, I took the measurements of my bicep circumference as well as the length that I wanted the sleeve to be. I drafted a standard sleeve pattern, then cut and spread the pattern to add the volume that I wanted!

Unfortunately, I have no progress photos of the skirt, but what I did was cut a rectangle the length I wanted the skirt to be, then gathered the top and hemmed the bottom. I realized later that I should have bought much more fabric so that I could have made the skirt much larger than it turned out to be. My skirt having the same width at the top and the bottom caused there to be more volume at the waist than at the bottom of the skirt, which was the opposite of what I had in mind. Amateur mistake!

I used my own hair for this costume since my current haircut is very similar to that of Haruhi's.

Watch our skit here! We won a judge's award!

Photography by Chris Goss. Tamaki is Guiness Cosplay.