09 November 2017

Updates and Future Projects

Hello! I apologize for it being so long since my last post. You could say quite a lot has happened since then. For one, I've made several costumes that I have yet to blog about. I've had a few people approach me on other social media to tell me that some of my past postings have helped them in making their own costumes, and that makes me so unbelievably happy to hear! In fact it's actually inspired me to get back to posting in the hopes that more people will stumble across this little page of mine and that it may be of some help or inspiration to them to create their own costumes.

I recently got a new laptop, which is a blessing in itself, as my last one was very slow to load almost everything. I found it very cumbersome to use, and it very much affected any content I made that could not be done via smartphone, as I tried to avoid dealing with it as much as possible. Now that I have a better, faster computer, I expect that I should be making more content in the forms of videos and blog posts in the future.

Another, very recent development has been that I now temporarily have three non-weight bearing limbs and several other fractures due to a Moped accident I was in while on vacation two weeks ago. I still have another surgery to go before for sure knowing my healing timeline, but I will make a full recovery and should hopefully be walking again in three months. I am so unbelievably thankful that my head, face, spine, dominant arm, and hands were not damaged in the accident and that I am still able to craft. My left arm, though non-weight bearing, is still very functional, so I can even craft while healing! I'm sure I'd go stir crazy if this were not the case. At the moment I have an x-fix contraption on my left leg that makes it very hard to move around. I don't think I will be sewing until this is removed. I am currently staying in rehab and working daily on my muscle strength in physical therapy.

So while I'm away from my workshop and materials, I've been working on this huge Original 151 Pokémon cross stitch pattern!

With a finished size of 18"x 25", 30 pages of pattern, and 105 colors being used, this project should take me quite some time to complete.

I had originally downloaded the pattern with the intent of working on it whenever I was burnt out from whatever my current project was, as well as to have it as something to keep my hands busy and my mind attentive when I finally get around to getting back to school, but it has been the perfect project to work on in the hospital where I can't exactly work on a large costume project due to limited space and movement. In fact, I've already finished Zapdos in the upper left corner! (Save for his beak, which happens to be one of the colors that was out of stock when I purchased my threads.)

If you'd like to try this challenge out for yourself, the pattern can be found here.

Moving on from updates, I've been thinking a lot about my next few projects, specifically the Love Live ones. A week before my accident I completed my Little Devil Maki in time for at Another Anime Con on October 13-15 and won Best Master Craftsmanship in the contest!

I'll be writing another post soon on the construction process of this costume!

This costume had so many little details and I had a ton of fun making it, so of course I'm already chewing at the bit to make another Love Live costume and I wanted to share what I had in mind, as well as the construction techniques I'm thinking of using.

First up is Unidolized Ice Cream Maki.

While relatively simple, this costume is a group obligation for my Love Live cosplay group: SunShiny Idols. We're planning to wear these as a full group on Sunday of Anime Boston 2018. While I could buy the costume, I'm excited to try to make this as clean and crisp as possible! I actually just finished up writing a resource packet fore my group to reference while they build their own! The packet itself was a lot of work, so I really hope my group gets some good use out of it.

I've also been thinking quite a bit about Wedding Maki:

I love all the details featured on this outfit, and I already have so many ideas on how to approach it, especially the skirt. The two skirt layers will each be a double circle skirt. I'm thinking of using permanent basting spray to adhere white and gold satin together to try to get the double-sided fabric look as shown in the photo. I'm not quite yet sure of how I'll add horsehair to the hems to give the skirt that extra floof. I'm thinking it'll have to be sewn just along the edges of the scallops, which I plan to cut by hand with scalloping shears to try to get the double-scalloped look as shown. I really want to find a lace applique that I can sew to the top of each scallop as well.

Another Love Live project I've been thinking about is Aquarium Dia:

While it is another relatively simple outfit, there are a lot of extra details I very much want to add; including lots of sequins and rhinestones. I'd like to like the seams down the bodice with iridescent sequins, and line the scallop edges on both the top and the skirt with sequins that match the color of the fabric. I'd also like to add some simple crystal designs to the top, and a concentrated scatter on the top skirt. The plan is to have the top skirt be a double circle skirt with horsehair in the hem, and the scalloped skirts be single circle skirts.

I have plenty of other plans that are not Love Live that will hopefully be happening this next year (Fem! Link from Breath of the Wild, Bakugo from Boko no Hero Academia, Star Guardian Jinx from League of Legends...etc.). I really wanted a place to write down some of my plans and excitements about my next projects as I sit here in the hospital, thinking about what I could be doing.

I think that wraps up this post! Like I said, I just needed a place to put down my racing creative thoughts, and I hadn't updated over here in a while, so I thought I'd sit down and write for a while. Thank you for reading, and I hope you look forward to my future postings, which should be write-ups of some of my more recent costumes.

18 January 2017

Big Sister Photos - Winter 2015

At the very end of December 2015, my friends and I decided to have an impromptu late night shoot in my backyard with a flood light to create that 'creepy' atmosphere typical of Bioshock's Rapture. Though it was pretty chilly, (that winter was fairly mild so there still wasn't any snow on the ground, even that late into the year!), we managed to get some pics that I'm still very excited about.

If you're interested, a full tutorial for the helmet can be found here, a tutorial for the leg braces can be found here, and construction notes for the full costume can be found here!

All pictures taken by my lovely friend Oni, also known as Guiness Cosplay.

Though I'm super happy with these photos, I think I want to try to do one more photoshoot in this costume before I retire it. I'd also love to do some sort of showcase video, since this was my first huge project that I managed to tackle.