31 July 2016

The Legend of Zelda: The Master Sword

I realize I don't post over here nearly as much as I should, so I'm thinking I'm going to try doing weekly progress posts to share what I've been doing and keep a log for myself to look back on! I'll really try to stay on track, but knowing me, I may have a hard time! Haha!

Anyways, I just finished up my Master Sword prop for my Link cosplay yesterday and I thought I'd share my process!

I first printed out a life size pattern of the sword, which I then traced onto EVA foam, cut out, and used a dremel to carve the details. The blade and several of the handle pieces started out separate for easy carving, but were later glued together with contact cement. There is a wooden dowel inside the blade piece for extra stability as well as a handle!

Unfortunately I don't have many pictures of this first step, as I was moving quickly and forgot to take some! Here's a closer detail shot of the hilt!

After all the foam work was completed, I covered the whole thing in Black Worbla, which I purchased from Arda Wigs. This gave the sword more durability and it hid all the little gross mistakes I had made on the foam.

The sword was then primed with three layers of Mod Podge and the base layer of paint was added!

I then began to add in gradients by dabbing the paints (The technique I used to paint my sword is very similar, if not the same method that Kamui Cosplay uses in her books!)

After all the gradients were completed, I highlighted the details using a thin brush and white paint.

And the sword is complete! Well...it could use some battle damage still, but I'm a little too proud of it at the moment to start ripping it apart!

I just started making the sheath! Hopefully that goes as well as this project did!

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