18 January 2017

Big Sister Photos - Winter 2015

At the very end of December 2015, my friends and I decided to have an impromptu late night shoot in my backyard with a flood light to create that 'creepy' atmosphere typical of Bioshock's Rapture. Though it was pretty chilly, (that winter was fairly mild so there still wasn't any snow on the ground, even that late into the year!), we managed to get some pics that I'm still very excited about.

If you're interested, a full tutorial for the helmet can be found here, a tutorial for the leg braces can be found here, and construction notes for the full costume can be found here!

All pictures taken by my lovely friend Oni, also known as Guiness Cosplay.

Though I'm super happy with these photos, I think I want to try to do one more photoshoot in this costume before I retire it. I'd also love to do some sort of showcase video, since this was my first huge project that I managed to tackle.

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